Color of the Year

So I hear the color of the year is Rose Quart and Serenity (wondered what the hell that was till I googled it and yes you guessed right am color challenged) ,the color is beautiful especially the Rose Quart . It has this matured sense of elegance and also the other has calm but matured vibe to it (but what do I know?).

Am not one to jump on a wagon just because it’s the current popular wagon but am also not a snob that’ll intentionally avoid things just because I want to be different, sometimes the  beauty of diversity in  unity ( I hope that made some sense).

That being said my current favorite color is grey, a blend of white and black. I like white but I feel like it’s a lot of work to maintain and rock , I love black but one can only wear so much black in an outfit and my mum hates it so have tended towards grey of recent to blend my two favorite color




Photos credit- GOOGLE


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