Color Of The Year


I have to say am partial to the color of the year 2016  Rose Quart and Serenity and I would have continued it if I was one for color  but am not and 2016 is ended . And now for 2017 (drum rolls please) Greenery!, yup the color for the year is greenery and am happy about this even more than I was about last year’s because it agrees with my theme for the year. It’s a soft tone and can easily be paired, it goes along with almost everything. Also it’s the color of nature so it speaks of life, growth and renewal (that’s how am interpreting it)

So have fun incorporating it in your wardrobe this year (good thing it’s a color we probably already have in out closets) and as we embrace this color let’s embrace what it stands for. Enough of the pollution both physically, mentally and definitely spiritually.


with say skirt and it’s good to go , not a fan of yellow though


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