Outfit for Examination Period Plus Tips

For the” Refined”

The “casuals”

The “More refined”



School can sometimes be hell (or always );examination period is worse and for someone with a sense of style, trying to look presentable during that period can become a task. It can become an unwanted added load for a period that should be all about preparation rather than having to worry about what to match with what .That being said it however is no excuse to let your appearance turn drab ,looking like you crawled out of the underworld.

So my few tips that always helps me

    1. Prepare before the period of examination-if you leave the reading till the last moments ,the stress will become too much and your appearance will be the least of your worries (but if you are the type that assimilate faster and can do completely okay on short notice read then have fun ………). Also have your examination schedule and master it so as know when and where you have what
    2. Embrace the minimalistic lifestyle by:


    1. Keeping your outfit simple- planning to pair that green clutch with the gold wedge sandals and making it work with your drop dead gorgeous outfit is obviously not practical cuz that’ll be energy that should be diverted into something else. Items you can quickly grab and wear as you run out the door without worrying about clashing should become your best friend and unless you are a complete heels addict or you need the extra height for some reason then flats is the real deal.
    2. Using minimal makeup- keep the makeup to the bare essentials ,something you can quickly fix without having to sit for ages  painting and crafting while precious time run by (also this is by preference, if the full glam is what rocks your boat ,knock yourself out but not so out you miss your schedule)


    1. Pray -am a Christian, I love God and I believe Jesus died for my sins (am saved by His blood, Hallelujah!), am a firm believable that prayer solve problems. After doing my bit by preparing and writing the exam, praying for His favor is next.


Am currently writing my end of semester exams which is the reason for my absence (apologies) and this tips I follow .


You can follow me on instagram to see my outfit of the posts and other random fashion things that might not make it here, also you can follow me on snapchat to get updates for when am posting on the blog and generally my life @skirtdiary21 for the two. Much love mwaahhh




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