Happy new month, it’s February! The month of love, the theme; Live ,Love, Laugh. Life is short, be happy while you can.

On to the story for today, my skincare routine. Am happy to finally have a system that works and I stick with (mostly).



Body Wash– I use IDOLE Lightening exfoliating Liquid Bath (that’s a mouthful) body wash (the Apple + Aloe vera Extracts and one ) I like the smell, smells amazing. Has a slippery feel to it (that’s the only kind of soap I use, I have a dry skin), not too foamy though which explains but it’s cheap with plenty of content so…… I don’t think I’ll repurchase after I finish the bottle, thinking of getting a St Ives body wash to compliment the cream or Dove or Neutrogena not sure yet but I don’t think I’ll repurchase. But I likely will be finishing the bottle.


Body Cream- St Ives cream 24 HR Deep Restoring Body Lotion (Almond oil). Love it, love it, love it. Like the fact that the container has pump cover so I can keep it in the trolley I put my stuffs and just pump and use without having to remove and place  back. It feels good, and moisturizes well for full day, like I said I have dry skin and if I use creams that’s not moisturizing enough my  skin dries up quickly and becomes dull. Will be repurchasing most likely.


Hand CreamNivea Hand Cream SOS Repair & Care. Feels good and dries up quickly, kinda feels sticky though




If am wearing make-up I use Shea butter on my eye lids to loosen the products and then wipe with  Dr Brown’s baby wipes before continuing with the routine.


Face Wash – Neutrogena  Oil-Free Acne wash. Very very foam, just a little pump does the job but I do two pumps at night when am wearing makeup but any other time I just do one.

Face Cleanser – D&L Antiseptic pore cleanser. I use this after using the face wash on days am wearing make-up to get rid of stubborn make-up. Works perfect and can even be used alone without the face wash but I like to get rid of excess make-ups so as to avoid break outs.

Toner – EDEN Glycerin and Rosewater       .it’s not heavy and dries quickly; that’s why I love it. I used Boots before but it feels heavy and oily that I couldn’t even finish the bottle. This one is great and leaves a soothing feeling, cleanses fine too. I use it day and night.

Face Moisturizer – at night I use Shea butter, Shea butter is a natural————- with many uses (might do a later post on it). After patting (never drag) my face dry with paper towel (to avoid transfer of germs) I put a little of it on my hand and pat on my face. In the morning I use my body cream, St Ives to moisturize cuz the Shea butter will be too oily and heavy especially if I’ll be wearing make-up (thinking of getting face cream for the morning, comment if you know any good one).

Eye Cream – also Shea butter ( I know; talk about multiple purpose), just a little and I pat it into my under eye.

Lip Balm – Chap Et. It has a minty feel to it and it’s not heavy on the lips.

Face Scrub – Old Spice . I can’t really say much about it cuz I don’t use it that often, I think have only ever use it  four times but am planning on rectifying that. It’s for both body and face though so I think I might get a face scrub maybe Neutrogena Apricot scrub ( have heard a lot about it)

Face mask – Face To Face Peel Off Facial Mask still my old carrot peel off face mask , I don’t use it regularly either but am also planning on changing that.

Most important though drinking water regularly, good food and hygienic lifestyle (both physically and spiritually) goes a long way for a good skin.

Till the next post……Jesus loves you, Stay connected.


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