My 5 Wardrobe Staples (Casuals)

There are lots of post on fashion items every woman must have in their wardrobes and it tends to be the same thing so it’s kind of like a guide lines for young fashionistas and even oldies looking to change their styles or spice it up

The only sort of downside to this is that we have different personalities and we interpret all fashion things differently.

    1. Sneakers: this shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve followed my previous posts but if not I am a huge sneakers fans ,I love it on myself and also on other people. Put me on an a fashion heaven island and ask me to pick just one item , I promise it’s going to be sneakers (except there’s a pair of timbers ).so yeah my wardrobe staple number one will be sneakers


2. Jeans : as my blog name implies I don’t wear trousers but I love me a regular, smart jean skirt with pockets (I love pockets). It’s my go to item on regular bases


3.  Shirts : the weather is almost always hot here so any thick clothing will be suicidal ,casual shirts that can be used as cover-ups for my tank tops

download (1).jpg

4. Tank tops – for the shirts

images (3).jpg

5.Backpack / Slings: don’t really like having to clutch items in my hand,I like having a free hand and no restriction to my movements.

Obviously this is just for casual occasions but even with this, if mixed with some items it can also give a formal outlook.




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