3 Must Haves For Bloggers


    1. Notebook/Note app : a notebook is the number one must have bloggers  because you never know when  ideas will strike, it pays to always be prepared so we have a place to jot down little things that inspired us or things we don’t want to forget and also to make list if you’re a list maker ( oh ! How I love making list and checking things off of them). Also it can be used to keep track of future blog ideas so you don’t become stranded and without things to write.  I used to use my phone as my list maker since it literarily goes everywhere with me but my phone quit on me last month and I would have lost everything on it if it hadn’t being giving me warnings before completely folding in so I had the chance to move the important stuff somewhere else . Majorly it depends on the individual  whether to use notes apps or paper and there is always the option of backup for apps( I use my notebook to jot down idea or things I don’t want to forget and to write out quick drafts , my pc  to make list and also fully develop my ideas for uploading)


images (1).jpg

2.Planner: this actually a must have everybody to keep track of events and appointments but it’s even more important for bloggers with a schedule so you know what post you’re uploading and when . It also helps to get everything you’ll need for the post ready before due date (little decoration helps but not so much it becomes a work in itself ,the important thing is for it to help keep track of things, every other thing is secondary)


3. STATIONARIES: obviously  we need something to write in our planners and notebooks so stationeries are a given. Cute ones help to make whatever we’re writing…..well cooler and having specific colors for different things helps to quickly draw the eyes to them (I use black for anything related to my writing account, green for my fashion account, red for important events and blue for every other thing)

images (3).jpg

As a blogger or even a writer generally you never know when an idea will strike or even you’ll get that perfect opening for your write up so it pays to always be prepared. Before  when I  carry the necessities I wouldn’t get anything or decide that what I got is not worth writing down so I tried not taking them with me it and it seems like I  got a flood of ideas or events and no miss of writing it down, then I decided to always have them with me  and that is a decision that has helped because even the ideas I thought were no good turned out to be great when edited or viewed in another perspective.


Do you agree or is there anything you think should be added ?,lemme know in the comments……..much love…….mwahhhhhh


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