Recent purchase

I like finding new things and trying them out,could be products,apps ,books,clothes or accessories(i like the last three more)so I thought I’ll share the few things I just got either last week or few weeks ago

  1. Oil control powder-works very well at keeping my face fresh throughout the day20160210_112944-1.jpg
  2. Ushas pro-conceal-offers very good coverage and it’s not too heavy on my skin20160210_112848-1.jpg
  3. Fair and Radiant body milk-evens out my skin tone and gives a sort of radiance but not every good for dry season as my skin feels dry and it doesn’t stop me from becoming white due to the harmattan weather20160210_113014-1.jpg
  4. Lemon fresh body wash-just started using it so I can’t say much, it smells nice though20160210_112627-1-1.jpg
  5. Boot glycerin and rose water-works good as a toner and have heard nice reviews about it20160210_112647-1.jpg
  6. Neutrogena blackhead eliminating cleansing lotion-works quite good and I started seeing changes in the first week of use .Works well with the next product I’ll mention20160210_112658-1.jpg
  7. Dermaliss-I don’t use all the time maybe every other night but i heard nice reviews about it and it works well for me.If you can get your hand on it definitely give it a try20160210_112708-1.jpg
  8. Face to face peel off face mask-only used it once so I can’t say anything about it except it’s not easy to remove(that might be because I didnt let it sit on for long or I don’t know how to remove it)20160210_112730-1.jpg
  9. Dettol-this needs no introduction ,I use it for my bathing water due to the impurities in it(the water near my hostel is not very good20160210_112807-1.jpg

None of this products are for skin whitening though

comment and let me know if you’ve heard of this products,new suggestion and your general thoughts


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