Long ago I had a friend who writes and a teacher who was also a writer.With their help I unlocked a treasure in me that has helped me in happy times,sad times and heart wrenching painful times.
Have always wanted to share with the world,I started my blog and went months without a single like,comment or follow but still I write,later I came across a post and realised what have being doing wrong.
I made adjustments and in the space of four months I got 20 followers started another account which also now has 32 followers in the space of a month
Am speechless with gratitude
To everyone that has liked my post,comment and went the extra mile of subscribing ;THANK YOU!
You mean the world to me
As this year ends (or has already ended in some part of the world) and another begins,I say may the new year usher in greatness,happiness,love and fulfillment for us
To the Skirtdiary21 &Skirtdiary21writes family I promise to do more
Again thank you
From the very bottom of my heart


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