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So I came across a post on capsule wardrobe,I like what I saw that I decided to try it out because sometimes picking out an outfit can be a pain in the a**.Read more about it and got all the necessary info and got to work but unfortunately I just couldn’t go through with it,guess I like having lots of clothes it gives room for a fluid clothstyle.Not saying there’s anything bad with the capsule wardrobe I actually really wish I could use it.
So i came up with my own capsule(if you can call it that),I packed away the clothes I don’t wear anymore for disposal or to give out.School will be resuming soon (January to be precise) so I pack away all the clothes I wanna take to school,the rest I split into two.There’s so much heat currently that almost everything feels like a sweater so I packed away all my sweaters,jackets and every thick clothing I own leaving just the thin materials which is currently in my wardrobe.


So there is my current wardrobe arrangement, you should give the capsule wardrobe a search,it’s really a good system sadly it doesn’t work for me (yet).
Leave me a comment if you’ve heard of the wardrobe capsule or if you are following it or if you’d like a post on how to pair one outfit different way.

Am sorry for the silence I use my phone to post and it crash on me,the screen stopped working and then miraculously started working today again.
Much love mwaaah


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