Everybody at some point in life has gone through some sort of pain,some more than others and our tolerance threshold is different.Either minor or major nobody likes the tightening sensation you get in your chest when it feels like everything is gonna crash down on you and breathing becomes an active action.

1.Acknowledge you’re not okay-As humans we tend to take on more than we can cope with, repress our emotion or ignore it.Ignoring it might seem like the easy way out,like a short cut to being finally okay but life is a process so you have to go through not being okay,partially okay and then to finally being okay else things will keep piling up till everything comes bursting out.


2.Identify the source of the pain-Usually we put the blame on any and everything and often times the real culprit is left unattended to,zone in on the cause and identify it.


3.Deal with it-The final thing to do in other to move on is to deal with it,we all have different ways of dealing with pain4.


One of the few ways is to:
A.Confront it-if it’s something that can be confronted perhaps in the form of a person then we should confront.Often times the guilty might not even be aware and even if it’s intentional you find out what a jerk the person is and that they don’t deserve your sadness.

B.Write it down-the process of trying to put your thoughts and emotions into word will help reduce the pain and come to term with the finality of the situation.

C.Say it out loud-sometimes you feel like there’s a hand gripping your chest and all you can do is scream it out,actually screaming can also help(just make sure you’re alone) .Speak it quietly to yourself,tell yourself you’re not fine but will soon be because you’re strong and not a quitter.

D.Let the tears flow-a good cry could be all that is needed


E.Pray about it.


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