CHAPTER ONE


I opened the door and the hairs on the back of my kneck stood up and then my phone rang,it was him.Scared I cut the call and took a step in the direction of my room when the smell hit me;blood,again my phone rang signifying I had a new text message I stood still debating whether to check it or just go inside but I dread walking further in because of the smell,probably because of what I witnessed today.I look at the phone again like something was gonna grab me and then after what seems like forever I  clicked on the message icon, that’s when I  saw it

“Bring me the book and maybe you and your brother won’t end up like your parent upstairs”

With eyes wide from fear I look up, my parent? but they are back home in..
‘Oh no!’
That’s when i remembered they said they were coming in today to spend the christmas with me and Luke

‘No no no’
I ran up the stairs into my room as I turned the knob….

Beep beep beep goes the alarm sweating like a pig I  jumped awake from my bed,quickly  turning on the light to grab the glass of water I always keep by my side.

‘You’re fine, you’re fine’
I said trying to get my heart to stop clawing itself out of my ribcage over the pain of the memory.Fuck! after five years i thought i was over this nightmare.

I couldn’t finish that sentence as it seems like a knife was thrust into my heart,guess am not over it yet but then who gets over witnessing the pain of…..again the knife.

‘What a great way to start the morning’
I said as I got out of bed to check my phone.
Shit! Am gonna be late,not today of all days I just pray the new boss is cool headed else am out of a job,quickly I rush into my bathroom to take a shower,I hate mornings.After shower,I brushed my teeth and got ready,trying to put on my heels as I go I collide into my 23 year old brother

Thanks to his quick reflex in catching me I would have kissed the floor and stain my white shirt.

‘It’s like you’re completely unable to walk without crashing into unsuspecting people’
He said with a smile,I rolled my eyes at him as i made for the door

‘New boss coming in today,can’t be late,love you’
I said as I closed the door to the house to step into the elevator,I heard him make a snide remark but I didn’t have time,guess it runs in the family.
As I stepped out and hail a cab I look at my watch
‘God am so late’.


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