Saw this on instagram and I totally agree,it’s applicable to keeping a journal too.
Journaling is the act of keeping records,can be day to day,months.It can be a record of your business growth,personal life,parenting,anything and everything you feel it’s important enough to be kept in record.It’s not restricted to any set of people,basically anybody can keep a journal.
Have always loved to keep a journal because am forgetful and I love writing but the problem has always being in deciding if to keep a paper journal or on my mobile phone.Past month I decided I was going to start keeping a journal again,decided on keeping paper journal and I try to write in it as much as possible but if I can’t make it i don’t stress myself trying to remember everything.
So far have enjoyed it so am putting together some pros and cons of keeping a journal.
1.Journal is a great tool in keeping yourself and your life together.You have a record of important happenings and even the not so important.

2.With a journal you have the privilege to access past events exactly how it happened but with a fresh eye.

3.Writing it down helps with coming to terms about how you feel about events.

4.You get a chance to be raw with your emotions,you don’t have to keep up any charade nobody is going to read it but you.

5.If you’re a writer keeping a journal helps you become better by exercising your writing muscles daily.

6.Don’t know if this is a personal thing but there’s a cathartic feeling you get from writing down how you feel,coming to terms with situations.It’s a rush.

7.If need be you can just show it to someone to help them understand you better (risky though)


The only con I can think of is your journal falling into wrong hands.

Of course your choice of journal depends entirely on you,could be electronic,a journal or a notebook converted into a journal (maybe I’ll do another post on deciding which kind of journal to use.




So what do you think? do you keep a journal? What do you hate and love about it.Leave me a comment.

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Much love 💗


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