How to be a better blogger

Being reading on how to be a better blogger and one common tip I saw is to be consistent so I decided am going to have a new post up three times a week,one on Saturdays,another on Sunday and finally on Wednesday.

The Sunday post will be kind of inspirational/spiritual posts and on my journey throughout the week,it’ll majorly be a platform to get to know me personally.

Wednesday series is on fashion (my favorite)everything that has fashion as it’s center piece will be talked about .

Saturday will be on organization and life hacks.Actually I didn’t mean to write out this history,was supposed to be writing on how to be financially organized but am currently not feeling fine so couldn’t but I didn’t want today to go by without any post so I thought I’ll write an apology with explanation but ended up writing out an epistle (lol).
So there it is,the calendar for my blog.
Kindly scroll down to follow by email or on WordPress,also follow me on my social media account and drop me a message if you have a particular topic you want me to write about and I’ll try all I can to make it happen.
Also follow me on snapchat-skirtdiary21.

On another note check this out


          Photo credit-Pinterest
I mean WOW! simple and classy,my kind of style.

Well this has been fun…..much love mwaah.


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