When you have a well organized closet it makes finding and putting together an outfit easy,without stress(or less stress) and time saving.It also helps to know what you already have in your closet and don’t have so you don’t end up buying what you already have or end up with a monochromatic closet.Also it prevents headache from just looking in your closet.
The tips
1.Use the same color of hanger.


Same color

2.Hang them facing a particular direction


3.Arrange them in way it’ll be easy to get to what you’re looking for.You can:

A.Arrange them by types-i.e long gowns together,short dresses together,jackett together,shirt together e.t.c

B.Arrange by color-i.e all black together,white together,stripes together,polka dots together e.t.c

C.Arrange by length-long sleeves together,short sleeves together,tank tops together e.t.c
(You can also arrange by types first,then length and then by colors)


4.If you have limited space to hang,you can store in drawers,shelves and bins


5.Stack your shoes nearly either on a rack,under your bed,on the floor or on top of hangers if there’s space.



6.Arrange your bags in a way they’re sitting rather than hang them so the arms won’t be distressed in the long run


7.Arrange your accessories in a way they won’t get in the way of your other items


8.Arrange delicate items in a way they won’t be crushed or damaged and also the underwears,



9.This is not a must but I’ll recommend downloading a virtual closet app,it’ll make planning outfits for the future easier and also you have access to your closet even when you’re not home.(I use stylicious,the only downside is inputting the items initially can be a pain)

10.Follow me to get ideas on how to style various items.


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