Fashion / Spotted

Giuliani Rancic

Guliana Rancic is a woman I admire a lot;a wife ,a mother and also has a career.This post is centered around her sense of fashion .
Guliana Rancic has a refined,elegant ,modest and sophisticated fashion taste.I love the way she pairs simple but classy clothes to make such a wonderful piece all together.Her clothesline speaks well of her peculiarities.Using some of her pictures I saw online,have created these four outfits from it.

Is this lovely dress she wore letting the print speaks for itself,with this I create this simple outfit loving the shiny kind of effect the dress have and using it as the focal point I paired with it a pair of black pumps,black bag and gold wristwatch as accessories


She wore a white turtle neck tank with a patterned skirt giving it a dress kind of feel so i used this to create this piece using a black dress with white pattern,white heel sandals,white bag and some gold jewellery


She wore a black sheer blouse,with skirt and laced up sandals,I used this to create an outfit with black lace detailed top,black skater skirt,black bag,my favorite- the laced wedge heels and a green leather wristwatch from the green detail of the wedg


The last a simple white chiffon blouse,black skirt with a kind of jewel detail,bag and flats from the outfit she wore.


Please comment and follow ,it’ll be appreciated.lots of love….mwaaaah…….


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